Day 6 – 4th October – LAS – SFO


This morning we had a very early start, after a long day yesterday. We got up at 4.45 to get ready for our flight over the Grand Canyon. We checked out of our hotel, and after a nervous wait for the bus to pick us up, we made our way to Boulder City Airport where the tours depart from. After checking in, we met our two pilots, who were lovely and made our way to the plane. This was a very small plane. I was a tiny bit nervous, I’d never been on such a small plane. We took off, and made our way to the Grand Canyon.

We were extremely lucky, as during the night there was a huge thunderstorm. Big strokes of lightning filling the already highly lit Vegas and trembles of thunder. Luckily, the storm cleared and we were able to fly, as we would have been gutted if we weren’t able to do it.

The views were out of this world, the trip the other day to the Grand Canyon was good but this was on another level completely. The pilots said that it was one of the best flights for a long time, with the clouds diffusing the light making the colours of the canyon really stand out.

We then landed, and made our way back to the hotel. We chilled by the pool all afternoon. I really wanted to take a dip, but it wasn’t too warm, there was a gentle breeze in the air. By the time it got to 3pm it was scorching, but we had to leave the hotel around 4 to catch a flight.

We left the hotel and headed to the airport to catch our flight to San Francisco. We touched down at about 9.30, and after collecting baggage arrived at our hotel at around 10.30pm. I managed to sleep on the very short flight but was absolutely shattered and pleased to hit the pillow. The beds are so comfortable here. I’m looking forward to exploring San Francisco tomorrow!

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