Rhubarb & Clementine Compote

Food, Photography

This is my fourth image for one of my third year university projects. I plan on creating more in future but for now am focussing on other projects.

This image was inspired by a really beautiful rhubarb compote from the waitress magazine, which I cooked with the left over ingredients after my shoot. I personally don’t like the texture of rhubarb, so I blended the compote and served it with yoghurt and muesli, or ate it straight from the fridge with a spoon. I love it this way it’s so delicious. don’t forget, you can put the left over vanilla pod in some caster sugar. Just give it a rinse and pop it in a jar of sugar to flavour it.


Hope you like it, see my website for more of my photography work.


A girl with an appetite for all things creative,
Maria x

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