Day 1 : 29th September LGW – LAS


After a ten hour flight, including 3 films and a few naps we arrived in

Las Vegas airport. With the tiredness and jet lag setting in, and after a long queue, we got the nervous giggles at a very serious border control (probably not very appropriate). We grabbed our luggage and caught a taxi to our hotel, The Luxor.

I came here with no expectations. I tried not to do too much research before hand and arrived with an open mind. It’s what I can only describe as extra. So, totally, extra.

The hotels are huge complexes, full of casinos, neon lit arcades, restaurants and big shows. You could end up never leaving the hotel as you have everything right in front of you.

We checked into our room, on the 22nd floor. We freshened up and went out to explore a little. My sister and dad went on the big roller coaster from one of the hotels. I wanted to do this but chickened out as I was flagging a little at this point, and felt immensely dehydrated. I didn’t think the two went hand in hand.

We looked in a few shops then went to a restaurant called the outback for dinner and had the most delicious steak, with fries and salad. I was definitely not feeling ok at this point. My bed was calling. We stumbled back to our hotel, got our stuff ready for an early trip the next day and climbed into bed. I thought I would have slept like a log. The bed was dreamy, but the jet lag was in full force and I was up every hour waiting for it to be the morning, and time to get ready for our trip to the Grand Canyon.

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