Culinary Canvas

Food, Inspiration

Lauren Purnell, is an artist I stumbled upon after reading an email from Zizzi’s. She created and shot some promotional images for their new autumn menu. See below.

Lauren Purnell has been creating images out of food over the past year for her project ‘Culinary Canvas’. You can follow her work on her tumblr here. Her work exhibits the beauty of using fresh ingredients, which inspired me to start looking into food markets and fresh produce. Her work is absolutely beautiful and she has worked for clients such as Zizzi’s, Randall Beans, The Juicery Co. , Wildberries Marketplace, a local grocer in Arcata, California and many others. To me eating well is important, and with current emphasis on fair-trade, and eating local produce to support farmers and producers this reflects in her work, and gives out an important message in a creative way. As well as photographing in markets, I also want to take produce into the studio and photograph it.

Some of my favourites.

A girl with an appetite for all things creative,

Maria x

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