Borough Market 8th November 2014

Food, Photography

I revisited Borough Market on the 8th November, after reflecting on the images I took on my previous trip. I figured I wanted to continue with my theme of photographing singular ingredients and displaying these for an exhibition project for my third year degree show. I took some more successful images to add to my portfolio, and will continue to visit and shoot here to extend the collection.

Again the sights, smells and atmosphere was incredible, and it reminded me of my love of food, and cooking and the feeling it gives me.

I ate some bread and another doughnut, from Bread Ahead, and have considered booking myself on to one of there cooking schools. Got in to the christmas spirit with a warm mulled apple juice and headed to Tower of London to see the poppies for Remembrance Sunday. This too was incredible and ended a lovely day out in London.

In the evening, I went to my local firework display and had family friends over in the evening for food and drink, which is a regular occurrence in our house. You can read about this here.

Below are some of the images shot from this day at the market.

A girl with an appetite for all things creative,

Maria x

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